Hello, my name is Egorova Daria and I am glad to welcome you on our site of our cattery “Order of the Phoenix”. The Kurilian Bobtails are unique, aboriginal breed of cats. We carry breeding work with love and pride. Every “graduate” of our cattery is purebred representative of breed. Cats have real “kurilian” character, excellent appearance and strong health.

The Kurilian Bobteils are truly loyal and intelligent animals that have been living side by side with humans for more than 30 years. They have arrived from far Kurile Island. The harsh climate and the relative isolation of the territories gave the Kurilian Bobteils excellent health, endurance and a unique appearance.

Cats of this breed strive to become real companions for a human: hunting, fishing, outdoor walks, active games and cozy rest at home - they will always be there. Despite the developed hunting instincts, the Kurilian Bobtails are excellent nannies and are very fond of children.

The Kurilian Bobteils will never look down on the owner and if you are looking for the perfect pet, then pay attention to these wonderful cats with a short tail.

Our cattery is glad to help YOU find a REAL FRIEND.


Litter L (27.08.2021)

В помете есть свободные котята

7 shorthair girls. Colour - marble tortie.

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Male kittens for sale

2 big male kittens. Birth date - 5th April 2021.

These boys was born from exhibition, titled parents.  Father is winner of many exhibitions and has the Highest title in system FARUS, GRAND INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION WCF and REG.CHAMPION ICU.

Damir and Dyushes - red with white and red on silver (white underfur) colours. Kittens weight is 3 kg each!!

Kitten price for PET - 700€.

Kittens have all documents, vaccinations according to age and good manners))

Kiss of Krakotoa Order of the Phoenix

Litter K (16.07.2021)

В помете есть свободные котята

One boy and five girls - different colors, shorthair and semi-long hair.

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