How does the CATTERY differ from the "dishonest breeders"? And why is the pedigree of a kitten important?

Чем ПИТОМНИК отличается от "разведенцев"? И почему важна родословная у котенка?


   We have listed the main advantages of the breed. But this does not mean that all cats that are "called kurbobs" have such qualities. Every conscious person should understand that buying a kitten "cheaper", you are not worth counting on the purity of breed lines and the absence of other "impurities". In short, the breeding work carried out by any SELF-RESPECTING CATTERY is aimed not at the number of kittens, but at their QUALITY, because with new generations, in the future, only positive qualities should be carried out in the breed standard.

  You can not allow everyone to breed. Many animals can carry aggression or defects in their genes (coat color, body structure - for example, the complete absence of a tail in the Kuril bobtail can lead to serious problems with the spine in the future, etc.). When the breed was approved by the international WCF system, felinologists very carefully selected individuals for procreation. Only the strongest, smartest and most adequate. Now there are a lot of ads for the sale of kittens on the Internet. Only these kittens are not full-fledged representatives of the breed. The task of those sellers is to sell kittens quickly and "make" new ones.

   No one guarantees you that such a kitten has only purebred Kurilian Bobtails in its ancestors. And therefore, all their main "advantages" may not appear.

   OUR CATTERY CARES BREEDING WORKS UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE CLUB and the WCF. We follow clearly regulated rules, all animals attend exhibitions and are examined by many experts. This guarantees the absence of defects in breeding individuals. Kittens are checked at the age of 2 months by an expert felinologist. Each kitten is examined very carefully and a decision is made whether it is suitable for further breeding activities or not.

   All cats in our cattery have the RICHEST PEDIGREES (dozens of years of work of responsible Breeders). Only the best of the best, real KURILIAN BOBTAILS that will decorate Your home and Your life.

   We feed our animals only with high-quality and expensive Holistic feed, regularly feed with meat and fish, vitamin supplements, etc. Vaccination is carried out according to age and regular examination by veterinarians. This guarantees health and a stunning appearance.

   WE ALWAYS PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH INFORMATION SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE LIFE OF THE ANIMAL. In addition, the parents of the kittens live with us and you can always see them.